"If I Asked What People Want, They Would Have Said Faster Horses."-Henry Ford

Welcome To Meseret Eshete Forklift&Crane Services


We provide various types of Forklifts with lifting capacity ranging from 3 to 16 tons, which enable up/down elevation, and Maniscopic/telescopic zoom elevation(Manito).


We also provide Scisscorlifts(ManLifts) which are capable of elevating personnels along with any tools,equipments and supplies they may require so as to reach diffrent heights.


With our Half Crane Trucks providing lifting and carrying services ranging from 3 to 20 tons and also Kato Cranes providing heavy duty services ranging from 20 to 100 tons,Crane services are available.

Forklift Repair and Maintanance

With professional and experienced mechanics we provide full repair and maintainance services for forklifts and cranes.

Hydraulic Hose System Repair

Our maintainance services also provides hydraulic hose system repair services for any machineries equipped with this system.

Solid Forklift Tyre Maintanance

Last but not least we provide solid forklift tires change on rim services at reasonable and fair price to our customers.

Welcome To Meseret Eshete Forklift Specials

About Us

Meseret Eshete Forklifts, Cranes and Construction machineries rental Company is a legally registered private business company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Currently, our company has become one of the few leading providers of forklift and crane services throughout Ethiopia.
Work with us and benefit from our reliable and efficient forklift and/or crane services with a reasonable price.

Contact Us

Physical Address:Addis Ababa at kality k/k 200m behind C.R.B.C..




Frequently Asked Questions

How is your pricing?

Although our pricing depends in accordance to the distance, location, convenience, load weight and scope of service (duration) ,Our price is a reasonable price in the market and to some extent negotiable.Please feel free to contact us for further information.

How is your availablity?

As we mentioned what we provide in our services section we can provide them A.S.A.P depending on your location and we also have many trucks which can provide services to many customers.Please feel free to contact us for further information.